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Want to Create a Memorable Event?

Your favorite BBQ, brought to you!

The longhorn

Choose 2 Meats and 3 Sides

$13.95 per person

+ $3 Brisket or Turkey

The Rio grande

Choose 3 meats and 4 sides

$16.95 a person + Tax

+ $3 Brisket or Turkey

the meats

Pulled Pork

Chopped Beef

Beef Brisket

BBQ Chicken

Smoked Turkey Breast

Pulled Chicken

Premium meats

Baby Back Ribs

Smoked Prime Rib

Marinated Chicken Breast

Pork Loin

Grilled Steak

Texas Burnt Ends

**Market Price**

The sides

Baked Beans

Mac & Cheese

Potato Salad

Garlic Potatoes

Steamed Vegetables

Cole Slaw

Texas Cornbread

Pinto Beans

Green Beans

Hush Puppies

Garden Salad + $0.50

**½ Pan $39.00 (Feeds 20-25 people)**

Happy Trails

Add one for $1.50 per person, two for $2.50 a person

Assorted Cookies

Eclair Cake

Peach Cobbler

Apple Cobbler


'Nana Pudding


Add Sweet Tea, Un-sweet and Lemonade for $1.25 per person. Canned sodas and bottled water are available for $1.50.

Free Delivery is available for all. orders of $350 or more and within 10 miles of Pok-E-Joe's. For all others, please contact us for pricing. 

Office Lunch

Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Assorted Cookies.

Includes picnic packs of plates, napkins, and plasticware.

$10.95 per person + tax

30 person minimum, Delivery Available

All packages include sesame seed buns, picnic plates, utensils, napkins, and our famous Texas "Q" Sauce. 

Don't see your favorite?

 Just ask us to customize your menu to include it.

Talk to us soon about putting a menu together to suit your every need. An upgrade to stainless chaffing dishes, heavy plastic plates, cups, and rolled plastic wear are available for more formal events.


Pulled Pork $11.99 per lb

Chopped Beef $15.99 per lb

Beef Brisket $18.99 per lb

Smoked Turkey Breasts $15.99 per lb

Pulled Chicken $12.99 per lb

Smoked Chicken Salad $9.99 per lb

Baby Back Ribs Market Price per lb

St. Louis Ribs Market Price per lb

Beef Ribs Market Price per lb

Party Platters

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos $12 per dozen

Smoked Wings $18 per dozen

Veggie Tray Market Price

Cheese Tray Market Price

Fruit Tray Market Price

To place your order, call or email today!


Peach or Apple Cobbler

'Nana Pudding

Eclair Cake

**$28.99 (1/2 Pan)

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